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  1. Segundo Capitulo de “La Viuda Joven”

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    March 18, 2011 by WENSHOW

    Capítulo 02 de la telenovela “La Viuda Joven” protagonizada por Mariangel Ruiz y Luis Gerónimo Abreu, la telenovela escrita por Martín Hahn. El …
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You may write me down in history 
With your bitter, twisted lies, 
You may tread me in the very dirt 
But still, like dust, I'll rise. 
Does my sassiness upset you? 
Why are you beset with gloom? 'Cause I walk like I've got oil wells 
Pumping in my living room. 
Just like moons and like suns, 
With the certainty of tides, 
Just like hopes springing high, 
Still I'll rise. 
Did you want to see me broken? 
Bowed head and lowered eyes? 
Shoulders falling down like teardrops. 
Weakened by my soulful cries. 
Does my haughtiness offend you? 
Don't you take it awful hard 'Cause I laugh like I've got gold mines 
Diggin' in my own back yard. 
You may shoot me with your words, 
You may cut me with your eyes, 
You may kill me with your hatefulness, 
But still, like air, I'll rise. 
Does my sexiness upset you? 
Does it come as a surprise 
That I dance like I've got diamonds 
At the meeting of my thighs? 
Out of the huts of history's shame 
I rise 
Up from a past that's rooted in pain 
I rise 
I'm a black ocean, leaping and wide, 
Welling and swelling I bear in the tide. 
Leaving behind nights of terror and fear 
I rise 
Into a daybreak that's wondrously clear 
I rise 
Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, 
I am the dream and the hope of the slave. 
I rise 
I rise 
I rise.

by #MayaAngelou "There is always a way out. Dead end streets don't exist. Behind the wall there lies another road, and you have to find that, that is your path, your life!" - Sir Norman de Palm. 
One of the greatest patrons of my life is this man, a best friend, a Godfather, an everything to my development. 
#WENSHOW It's never the situation, it's your reaction to the situation.

The way you react to circumstances determines your feelings. 
Your quality of life is determined not by what life brings to you, but by the attitude you have towards life. 
What happens to you is less significant than what happens within you. 
You cannot always control your circumstances, but you can control your own thoughts. 
It's not your position but your disposition that matters. 
#WENSHOW Whatever comes your way,
give it meaning and transform it into something of value.
Your personal growth is the process of responding positively to change.

A precious stone cannot be polished without friction, nor humanity perfected without trials.

#WENSHOW "You have to love yourself because no amount of love from others is sufficient to fill the yearning that your soul requires from you." — Dodinsky 》》 This is what keeps me going, realizing the strength in the mirror's reflection. There isn't nothing wrong in self-love, let a day like this be a reminder to your love and the love that you reflect to others, and the respect of loving that you deserve. 
I will be releasing a post tonight on my blog special for #ValentinesDay about #Love and #SoulTies, to read it go to or 
Many of us just want to be loved.
The problem is, we forget to love ourselves. We cannot expect someone to commit to us if we are not devoted to ourselves. We cannot hope for someone to support us if we don’t have faith in ourselves. 
Be strong, believe in freedom and in our Creator, love yourself, understand your sexuality, have a sense of humor, masturbate, don't judge people by their religion, color or sexual habits, love life and your family. "Once you truly know yourself, love is the only option." #WENSHOW When you look at a person, any person, remember that everyone has a story. 
Everyone has gone through something that has changed them. 
Conciously your hardest times will reveal your truest friendships. They will forget watching you go through it, and will be helping you get through it. 
Find someone who knows that you're not perfect, but treats you as if you are. 
#thegreaterplan #respectmyworth
#WENSHOW How can a #socialmedia savy not join #snapchat. #snapchatme @wenshow Don't think about the things you can't do.

Think about the things you can do.
No matter what the level of your ability is, you have more potential than you can ever develop in a lifetime.

There are no limitations to what you can do except the limitations of your own mind.

Your range of available choices right now is limitless.
Look at things as they can be.
Never say never.

#lengadikolebratavenenupabovena 20`15 ▫ I have learned that who doesn't look for you, doesn't miss you and who doesn't care for you... That destiny determines who enters your life but you decide who stays... That the truth hurts only once and a lie every time you remember it... There are three things in life that leave and never return: words, time and opportunities... Therefore, value whoever values you and don't treat as a priority whoever treats you as an option... ♡ #bonsiman
#WENSHOW Its been four years, but seems like yesterday.. Ba kompartí i ba biba amor.
Ainda bo a laga nos ku un imenso doló, di djis pensa o imagina kuantu falta bo ta hasi nos, bo famia en espesial.

Abo ku ta Kòrsou…
Kaminda bo ku tin e lugá spesial den kada un rondó di bo su mundu.

Ba laga nos ku yen tesoro no revelá, te ora pensamentu i akshonnan di nos no transformá.

Abo mi amigu ta palabra di bon guia, ku a lagami meskos ku un mucha chikí ku a wòrdu bandoná.

Lo mi keda sklama i invoká abo Ansestro Preokupá pa eskolta i yuda nos emansipá – sin odio ni vengansa ma ku amor – ya e presiosidat di hoya aki por resaltá i mundu henter skucha ora kriaturanan dje paraiso aki ku orguyo grita: “Ami ta Kòrsou.” You are and will always keep that special place in my lifetime brother.. Thank you for all you have done and made of significance for us. 
Specially these words of comfort you left for this brother.. #youareloved #alwaysremembered #hemayelmartina

Shine your light hermano Mayó.. Your legacy will live forever.. “Let's be both speakers of words and doers of deeds.” “At this point I’m not the right man for any of these types of jobs but together we are the right man for this and every other job. ” “ …bo mes sa saka kara di e señora ku a traha duru pa lanta bu manera bo ta mi bròder…keep on with the good work.” #WENSHOW A life without purpose is like a ship without a rudder. 
The purpose of a goal is to focus your attention. 
Your mind will reach toward achievement only when it has a goal. 
There is no achievement without goals. 
Establish a goal worth working for. 
Your goal will keep you going in tough times. 
Always have something ahead of you. 
Continuously visualize your next step. 
Keep moving after you achieve your goal and set another. 
Momentum is maintained by always having something to look forward to. 
Constantly give yourself something to work for. 
#LeadershipInsights "If you're willing to pay the price any of your circumstances will change.
If you want something badly enough, you're sure to get it.

Obstacles don't matter very much.
Pain or other circumstances can be there.
But, if you want something bad enough,
you'll find a way to get it done.

You only have to love a thing greatly to get it.
Desire is the fire of life." #FireofLife
#WENSHOW Stay away from anger, it hurts only you!
If you are right then there is no need to get angry. 
And if you are wrong then you don't have any right to get angry.

Patience with family is love. Patience with others is respect.
Patience with self is confidence and patience with God is faith.

Never think hard about the past, it brings tears. 
Don't think about the future, it brings fear.
Live this moment with a smile, it brings chear.

Every test in our lives makes us bitter or better, every test/problem in our lives is to make us or break us.

The choice is ours whether we become victims or victorious.

Trials keep you strong, sorrows keeps you human, failures keeps you humble, success keeps you glowing, but only God keeps you going.

Don't ever think you know it all or you are better than the other person because you do not know what the future holds for that person. Be good.

Beautiful things are not always good but good things are always beautiful.

Do you know why God created gaps between fingers? 
So that someone who is special to you comes and fills those gaps by holding your hand forever.

Happiness keeps you sweet, but being sweet brings happiness.😊 #Buddha #NewYearsResolutions 
#WENSHOW 2 0'1 5 • “We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” We never thought about how lucky we were to have soulful beings who cared for our growth so much, and poured their heart and soul into their lessons.

Slowly as I grew up, I began to appreciate things around me more. 
As I saw more and more of the world out there, I realized all the things I’d been given are not rights, but privileges.

After all, we were young and we didn’t know what life could be like on the other side.

Be grateful for Life - for giving you the chance to experience all that you’re experiencing, and will be experiencing in time to come. 
Last but not least, for You - for being who you are and touching the world with your presence.

#2015 20•15 || #HappyBirthday shout-out to our 'Simba' #TheLionKing musical star, amazing buddy Danny Yanga.




New Year 20'15January 1st, 2015
Happy New Year!

Gwendell Mercelina Jr.

Gwendell Mercelina Jr.

WENSHOW Gwendell Mercelina Jr, also known as “Gwen” or “Wen”, was born in Willemstad, Curaçao. Since birth a very active boy as athlete, model and performing artist, did everything he could full of energy and always prepared; characterized as a very ambitious, professional and charismatic young man.

In 2007 he finished the highest high school education in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean (VWO – Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs) as the best graduate at a private school. Afterwards he studied Antillean Law at the University of the Netherlands Antilles; until he finished his associate bachelor he did an abroad Bachelor's programme Media & Communications through Webster's University while he attented the private University of the Dutch Caribbean studying Marketing & International Management.

Gwendell has always been pretty well-known in his community as an actor, writer, poet, model, tv-host, master of ceremonies, trainer, athlete and also in several organizations as “Endemol” (Netherlands), Rainbow Push (Chicago), “Eenheid is Kracht” Foundation (Netherlands), Youth Outreach (Bonaire), Nationale Jeugd Instituut (Suriname), Junior Chamber International, Toastmasters International, Leo Club, and the most remarkable achievement in his career is until now the highest vote-getter of the Youth Parliament Elections in 2005, and the longest running President of the Youth Parliament of Curaçao “Hoben Goberna” from 2005 till 2010.

Next to all his activities, he got chosen as Youngster of the Year 2009, Top 5 Most Outstanding Men of Curaçao and got a Wheel of Perseverance Award from his neighborhood-platform.

Through all his years as President of the Youth Parliament and working on his international career he’s been promoting and working on projects of nation building through the youth.

Furthermore Gwendell is working now on his international career as an entrepreneur, actor, model, artist, producer, student and philanthropist, so to broaden his network, so he can provide international services to his people through his upcoming enterprise. Which he’s also working towards achieving a diversed service-management, multi-media and entertainment enterprise.

He hopes to bring with his work a positive effect in the development of his nation but also into every community of the world. Through getting the opportunity to provide a


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